Waterway Infrastructure
a. Navigation Improvements in Rivers and Canals
b. Waterway Planning
c. Infrastructure Assessments
d. Healthy Monitoring
e. Advances and Innovations in Navigation
f. Developments and Future of Waterways
Inland Navigation Structure
a. Weirs, Locks and Shiplifts
b. Plan, Design and Optimize
c. Building Information Modelling (BIM)
d. Navigation Hydraulics
e. Prototype Monitoring
f. Reliability, Maintenance and Resilience 
Smart Shipping
a. E-Navigation
b. River Information Service (RIS)
c. Ship Simulator
d. Physical Modelling and Numerical Modelling
e. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Shipping
f. Big Data and Block Chain
River System Management
a. Sediment Transport
b. Water Resources and River Morphology
c. Water Quality Improvements
d. Smart Dredging Technology and Machinery
e. Digital River and Responses to Climate Change
f. River Ecological Civilization
a. Rail-water intermodal transport
b. Urban Port Developments
c. Policy and Regulations
d. Port Gateways and Cooperation
Special Sessions
a. Yangtze River Golden Waterways
b. Xijiang River Golden Waterways
c. Young Professionals