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Instructions for Presenters (oral presentations and posters) and instructions for chairs can be


The Smart Rivers 2019 organisation team has invested additional funds into added security at the Smart Rivers 2019 conference. Guards will be posted at the main entrance of the Centre des Congrès de Lyon, the venue for the conference, with all other entrances closed for

Monday 30th September, 11:00 – 12:30
Education and training on various functions of inland waterways are keys to sustainability, modernization and development of various usages by all stakeholders.
Over the world, these developments differ according to the history, the governance and the respective roles of the managers and stakeholders in different countries.
Smart Rivers conferences provide the opportunity to share experience worlwide both in economical, technical and social fields.
Today challenges on climate issues, logistic rationalization, water usage sharing, concerted land planning open a large field of skills necessary to manage the inland waterway usages and development.
Three roundatable with the participation of Universities, Research Institutes and Industry sector will be moderated by Monsieur Michel Deprost ( Enviscope)