About NHRI

Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute (NHRI), directly under the leadship of the Mininstry of Water Resources (MWR), the Ministry of Transportation (MoT) and the National Energy Administration, China, is a multipurpose national hydraulic research complex, mainly dedicated to basic research, applied research and technological development, and undertaking directional, principal and comprehensive researches for water conservancy, hydroelectric power and waterway transportation projects as well as researches on soft science and macro decision making.  At the same time, it acts as the Dam Safety Management Center, the Sluice Safety Management Center, the Research Center for Climate Change, the Engineering Quality Inspection Center and Measurement Examination Center for Hydrological and Geotechnical Instruments, MWR.

With the strong support of NHRI’s expertise, the State Key Lab of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering, the Key Lab of Water Science and Hydraulic Engineering of MWR, the Key Lab of Port, Waterway and Sedimentation Engineering of MoT, the Research Center on Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering of MWR, the Research Center on New Materials in Hydraulic Structures of MWR,  and the International Joint Research Center of Water Science & Engineering are stationed at NHRI.NHRI is the first PIANC cooperate member in China.